KidStuf – Sundays @9:30am

KidStuf is WHERE KIDS BRING ADULTS TO LEARN together about God’s Big Ideas! It is a weekly, 45-minute, fun, interactive, multi-media shared experience designed for families.  There are zaney characters, fun games and lots of laughs.  Even your parents will have fun, so bring them along.  Find out what’s going on in the KidStuf Klubhouse every Sunday morning at 9:30am.

KidStuf Klubhouse is online!!!

Hey Kids, you can hang out in the KidStuf Klubhouse online!  Listen to KidStuf music, watch funny videos, play games, and get more trivia and info on the monthly virtue.  You can even create yourself as a KidStuf character. Studio252 is a new adventure by the KidStuf creators!

KidStuf covers a different virtue each month which always teaches 3 truths…

–I can trust God no matter what

–I need to make wise choices

–I should treat others the way I want to be treated
Background screenings are completed on all adults who participate in the Children’s Department at Ensley Nazarene. Reports and training are provided through Protect My Ministry.

Ensley Nazarene’s primary curriculum for children is provided by Orange. Their concept is to connect families to a wider community of parents and leaders. This allows parents and church leaders to combine their influences to accomplish more for the spiritual well-being of a child than either could do individually.

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