Friday Holy Week Prayer Guide

Good Friday:

Good Friday is the day that Jesus, God the Son – unfairly tried and convicted, mercilessly mocked and brutally crucified – willingly and obediently took on the sins of the world so that anyone who believes in Him could be forgiven and freed. How can we even begin to express the gratitude, love and praise we feel in response to what Christ has done for us on the cross?


Bible Reading: Luke 23:34, Matthew 27:46, John 19:30


Today Pray for…

Christians all around the world as we reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins; that, understanding Christ’s loving sacrifice, we would confess sin before God and ask his help with any temptation to wander from him; that we would spend time meditating on God’s great love for us and that this time of reflection would result in thanksgiving and praise to the Lord; we would be fervent in prayer over the next three days and ready to share Christ.

Thursday Holy Week Prayer Guide

Maundy Thursday:

Today we celebrate how, during the Passover meal, Jesus inaugurated the Lord’s Supper. It begins as Jesus humbles himself to wash the feet of his disciples, demonstrating how we are to love as Jesus loved. It climaxes with the sharing of bread and a cup of wine, which becomes our remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice. The bread we eat together represents his broken body and the cup we drink together represents his blood, and we are drawn to the cross upon which he surrendered his life for our sin the very next day. What a wondrous love is this indeed!

Rest a moment in prayer and let your heart be washed over by the love of Jesus. Ask for help to love others as deeply as He has loved you.


Bible Reading: John 13:1; John 13:34-35


Today Pray for…

Pray with thanksgiving for Jesus’ love for the world. Pray that when believers gather together, they remember Jesus love through the Lord’s Supper and through sacrificial service. Pray for those who are laboring to bring the good news of Jesus: for missionaries around the world; pray for specific ones you know by name; strength and protection as they reach the lost; ask God to give them a great harvest; pray for the people groups they are working with, that the Lord will do a mighty work and many would be saved.

Wednesday Holy Week Prayer Guide

What do you think about Christ? Jesus directed this question to the Pharisees just before His death and resurrection. There is no question more important to ask.

Take a moment to bring this question openly and honestly to God in prayer. What do you believe about Jesus in your heart today?


Bible Reading: Matthew 22:41-42


Today Pray for…

Anyone you know that has doubts about who Jesus is and why they need him. Pray for the Holy Spirit to penetrate hardened and indifferent hearts. Pray for unsaved friends; pray for opportunities to share Christ with them; invite them to church this Sunday; ask God to remove any distractions from them heeding the Spirit’s work of conviction (John 16:7-11).

Tuesday Holy Week Prayer Guide

In Holy Week, Jesus reveals the depth of His compassion for sinful, broken people like us. The fullness of God’s everlasting love for us can only be shown by Him. It is only experienced in relationship with God. Pause in this time of prayer and posture yourself to receive the passion and peace of Christ.


Bible Reading: Luke 19:41-42


Today Pray for…

Pray that God will open up, to you and others of Ensley Nazarene, divine appointments to share Christ. Ask God to open your eyes to see hurting people that He brings across your path. Pray for boldness to speak truth.

Monday Holy Week Prayer Guide


In Holy Week, Jesus prepared to take the wrath of Judgment Day for all of us. He knew what was coming and made the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus wasn’t surprised. He was perfectly obedient to the will of God the Father – even to death on a cross!


Bible Reading: John 12:27-32


Today Pray for…

Pray with thanksgiving for Jesus’ perfect obedience. Praise him for displaying in word and deed the grace and truth of God in human flesh (John 1:18). Pray that you and I, and his church everywhere, may incline our minds and hearts to know, believe, and obey God’s word in everyday life. Pray for unsaved members in your family; pray that the Lord would stir their hearts this week and that they would realize their need for Jesus.

3-9-18 E-Update


Last Sunday, March 4, we took the first step in our UNSHAKABLE LIFE Series journey. An UNSHAKABLE LIFE doesn’t just happen for any of us. We must be intentional to do whatever it takes for our lives to be UNSHAKABLE in a world that is constantly shaking. To be honest, the main thing we need is to learn how to trust God no matter what has happened, is happening or will happen in our lives.

Author and professor, Kem Washington says, “You have to trust that God knows what is best for you. If something is not working in your life, you have to give it up to Him. When you surrender and align your plans with His, it may hurt for a moment, but God will turn your sadness into joy and give you strength.”

Following the rebuilding of the wall around the city of Jerusalem, Nehemiah in Nehemiah 8:10 encouraged all the people to celebrate! Here’s what he said,

“Go and celebrate with a feast of rich foods and sweet drinks and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!”

Kem continues, “You will get to a place and wonder, why didn’t I trust God in the first place? He will give you more than your heart could have ever imagined. I promise, you will obtain peace, which the world cannot give to you.”

Let’s come together at ECN this Sunday to worship and pursue with all of our heart the UNSHAKABLE LIFE God has for each us.


2-3-2018 E-Update

Here’s what’s happening tomorrow at ECN….
  • Tomorrow is SUPER SUNDAY!

     – We’re having a Super Sunday this weekend! Wear a shirt for your favorite team – any sport, any team.

  • ADAM’S VOICE, Guest Worship Artist – Adam’s Voice returns to ECN to lead us in worship Sunday morning. A Special Events Offering will be collected during service to help the family with travel expenses. Find out more about the group at To enjoy some of their music before Sunday, visit
  • “SOUPER BOWL” Lunch After Church – The Youth are hosting their annual soup lunch to raise funds for their summer missions trip. After Morning Worship, purchase a soup lunch ($3 per person) and dine in with friends or take out to enjoy at home. There will be lots of soups and desserts to choose from. See Pastor Adam for details ( / 615-830-0950).

See you tomorrow! It’s going to be a great day!!


1-20-18 E-Update


Good Morning ECN Family!

SOUL DETOX, our first series of the 2018, has already been eye opening…to say the least! We live in a very TOXIC and contaminated world. And to often, with all of “TOXIC-NESS” around us, our lives can subtly become contaminated without us realizing it. The first week, we looked at Toxic Words. Our language…how we communicate. Last week, we looked into the area of Toxic Fears. This one hit me right between the eyes!!

Here’s a quote I read this week from Pastor and Author Craig Groeschel that made me swallow hard. Ready or not, here it is…. “What you fear reveals what you value the most. What you fear reveals where you trust God the least.” OUCH!! Groeschel continues, “We are often paralyzed with irrational fear that something may happen. Rather than living by faith, we live by fear. These toxic fears can cripple our lives and rob us of our joy.”

God’s Word clearly and plainly tells us in 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT, For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” I’m confident in saying, “I need to hear this and so do you!! I praise God for the TRUTH…HIS TRUTH!

Tomorrow at ECN, we continue SOUL DETOX. DO NOT MISS IT! We’ll be looking into the area of RELATIONSHIPS. This one ought to be very interesting….

Looking forward to a great day at Ensley Nazarene Church!